BOUNTY OF BOOTY:  A Discussion


HE:  Last week I saw a 50-something

good looking woman in a pair of white jeans

walking across the parking lot.

She had a figure similar to J-Lo’s.

SHE:  50-something in tight white jeans means defiance…….

HE:  ….desperation.

The words ‘white out’ popped into my head.

I thought it would be fun to write a poem entitled ‘White Out’ about booty.

I know rap singers have already exhausted the subject but

I wanted to see if we could put a fresh face on it, so to speak.

Something about how a pretty woman blots out

a man’s mind.

SHE:  Sort of a subtle erasure.  A correction fluid that coats the thinking process. How about:

Musky orchid with a touch of hope

HE:  Or Estrogen with a hint of lavender and soap.

Some like it hot. Some with a ring.

Anyway you want it – Jell-o on a spring.

To me, curves mean “be fruitful and multiply”,

earthiness, nurture, strength, sensuality,

water, Dionysian frenzy, supplication,

forbidden fruit so sweet it hurts. Anything else?

SHE:  Hmmm….ever-fluid ideals written on the page of her hips…

HE:  If we are speaking of ideals – a goddess

without the vanity of wisdom. I was thinking

about the vanity of wisdom this week

and what an awful obstacle it is to overcome.

The feminine aspect seems to overcome this inherently.


White out in an hourglass sings a siren song

shipwreck and longing vibrating on and on

– B.D. Silverback

©B.D. Silverback 2014; all rights reserved