Fantasy is my lifeblood when I am alone.

Do you think it is possible to be jealous of a fantasy within a fantasy? Another way. How would you feel if your dreams betrayed you?  For example, your fantasy lover within your dream commits your fantasy with your best friend in the same dream.  Dreams decay upon the jealous whimsy of fantasy, intoxicating the soul, like kissing the ghost of a ghost’s best friend and believing we have something to hold.  You awaken with a sense of relief, but shaken nevertheless. Left to the vagary of the moment.  I feel utterly alone when I have thoughts such as these. As if there is no substance on which to hang my hat as I pull on my persona and go about the day.

Do you believe our fantasies are born within the expectations our parents have of us?  Even the sexual fantasies.         — Rob Sterling


My fantasy

a fluid pirouette of the soul

does its delicate swirl

like slow water melting thin ice from below

thin ice hidden beneath deep snow

where subtle layers meet

as if kissing the ghost of a ghost

and we

hand in hand along the skin of the dream

dance on the tip of a toe

if desire desires it so.

—  D.G. DalPonte

©2014 Rob Sterling; all rights reserved

©2014 DG DalPonte; all rights reserved