Nostrums from Nonni

Truth is an infinitely fine line between inverse points of view.


3animanshandsholdingwater-vi copy“NOSTRUMS” – a Latin noun from the 17th century meaning ‘something of our own making’;  a pet scheme or favorite remedy, especially one for bringing about some social or political reform or improvement.”   

“NONNI”  – in Italian means ‘grandparents’ – the laps that have rocked a couple of generations.  

 We are thinkers, writers, artists, skeptics, poets, doctor, teacher, yogi, and one shape-shifter.  We are members of the first wave of Baby Boomers.  This blog is where we have decided to play, create, watch, and comment.    


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Unless otherwise designated, all text, photographs, images, paintings on this blog are the copyrighted material of Nostrums From Nonni, or the other artists who are featured, and are not to be used in any way without explicit permission. Please respect the national and international copyright laws and, if you link to material here, make the proper attributions. Thanks.

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