~ Aspirations, not the accomplishments, are the measure of humanity.  Allowing others to define one’s goals is a disability.


~ Freedom remains the ideal and never the reality as long as those policing inequality are in bed with the market place.


~ Redemption is born from guilt on the wings of hope. It may occur in a variety of aspects without cause or effect, without contrition or purpose. Often, we recognize it in an emotional response to some ‘other’.


~ Redemption is that second chance to feel the earth beneath your feet or the wind in your face. It arrives with all the grace and responsibility of a newborn.


~ I have a pair of wings for every occasion.  They are transparent, of course.


~ The world becomes inverted when Mother Nature speaks with a cynical voice.  The cynical voice of Mother Nature fawns fascination with the monster.


~ As soon as consciousness develops to the point where we can put our selves in the shoes of others, morality gains a foothold.


~ There is nothing like a journey with a thrill in the beginning, middle, and end.

all above aphorisms ©Rob Sterling 2014; all rights reserved.    Please email for permission to use in any form.