I realized a long time ago I was ‘bobbing’ in a huge ocean over which I had no control. Freedom. Weightless. Kissing the darkness as lover.

                             -Rob Sterling                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


I love a good feather. One not plucked –

one that slips out on its own

just falling off in mid-flight

so perfect and slow.  Sideways

and tipsy it goes graceful upon pockets of air

finding a whisper to ride here and there.

And let’s imagine,

in the last six feet before touching ground,

the feather – the best ones are blue – skims

so slightly my one helpless fingertip. And

breathless, free of all will, I slip

weightless into this meeting of skin and soul.

                                                            -Donna G. Dal Ponte

©Rob Sterling 2013
©Donna G. Dal Ponte 2013
all rights reserved
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